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Churches Getting Taken Advantage of with Copier Leases

Most churches require copier services at some point of time or the other. Churches routinely need a lot of printing and copying work to be done at short notice, and hiring a good church printer in Sugar Land is the route which most churches take. While finding a good Sugar Land copier service is difficult as it is, churches often find themselves at the wrong end of deals when dealing with these copier services. Some churches have even been forced to make major changes to their budgets after falling victim to "copier scams". The best way to avoid these mishaps is to only hire the services of a well-known, reputed and trusted copier company like Boundy Biz.

A Better Way for Churches

Churches need trustworthy and reliable copier services to take care of their requirements. Unfortunately, many churches report that they have run into rough weather dealing with representatives from copier companies, with some churches reporting that they have been scammed for amounts running into thousands of dollars.

The best way for churches to deal with this scenario involves the following steps

  • It is imperative to not fall into the traps of copier services representatives. To make sure that you do not, be alert whenever you hear anything about the copier lease deal which seems too good to be true. In such a case, politely refuse the deal and move on.
  • Any promises or commitments made by a copier service needs to be on pen and paper and not just verbal. Make sure that you insist on the same.
  • Work with a trusted copier service for churches like Boundy Biz who have built a reputation with years of clean, trustworthy service to stop yourself from being vulnerable to any form of deal which takes advantage of your institution.


Posted by Ken on 7/10/2014 12:10:22 PM
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