The solution to high color prints

Tri Rate Color Pricing

Not all color prints are the same, so why should they cost the same? They shouldn’t, and at Boundy Business Systems they DON’T!”

Many “color” prints only use a small amount of color ink. So, instead of paying one price per page, with BBS color solutions you only pay for what you actually use. With inexpensive tri-rate color pricing, it’s more affordable than ever to print in color while reaping the benefits color brings to your business documents. Research tells us that color is one of the first things that people automatically register when evaluating an image or document—and it has an influential effect on buying decisions, as well. So, with more affordable color printing, you can use color more frequently for your business documents and marketing materials.

Tri Rate Color Pricing – Sometimes less than $0.02 per page! Contact for a free assessment.

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