Are your color prints expensive?

Kyocera color savings

Tri Rate color pricing

Most, if not all color copies and prints do not use the same amount of color per page. With our new line of Kyocera office equipment technology you will not have to pay for color you do not use.

A majority of the color prints and copies only require a small amount of color, so paying a set price for color output or one set price per page is eliminated with our New Kyocera office equipment and the new Kyocera Tri Rate color pricing.

With Boundy Business Systems color solutions you only pay for the amount of color you actually use. Research has shown us that when we are making decisions to buy a product or service we are more prone to automatically register with colored materials. Which is a perfect scenario for our customers because you can feel free to use your Kyocera color office equipment more freely at a very low cost of operation.

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