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Letter to BNI Brazos

My name is Ken from Boundy Business Systems Inc.

I wanted to thank everyone in the BNI Brazos Networking Group in Sugar Land, Texas for helping our business grow in the last couple of years.

We have been serving businesses, churches and other organizations in the Houston area since 1983.

Our customers describe us as prompt, dependable, competent and honest. 

We definitely have you covered, from our all in one Okidata MFP Copiers, to our award winning Konica Minolta and Copystar Copiers and Printers.

Consistent customer service and long-term relationships has been our key to success. Having experience with office machines sales and service for nearly 30 years has made us a local industry leader.

Excellent referrals for us are Churches, Health Care Companies, Car Dealerships and Apartment Complexes. In today's market place we are all pretty much looking to spend less money on our office equipment and the cost of the service and supplies. Doing this is one of our main goals here at Boundy Business Systems.

BNI has not only been a great boost for our business but also I have been blessed to have made many friends in the process, and this I am truly grateful.


Ken Boundy

Boundy Business Systems Inc.

We are not a copy, We are the Original!

Posted on Saturday, September 05, 2015

Differences Between OEM & Compatible Toner Cartridges

Looking at the many cartridges and supplies available for your specific printer, you might feel a little overwhelmed. Besides finding just the right cartridge for your particular printer model, you also have to choose between many different type sof cartridges. OEM? Re manufactured? Sometimes it's hard to know what makes one cartridge different from another. Here is a basic guide to the different types and kinds of printer cartridges, outlining the differences and benefits of OEM, re manufactured compatible printer toner cartridges.

New OEM Cartridges: What is OEM toner?

You may have heard the term "OEM" used before, but what does OEM mean or stand for? OEM refers to "original equipmentmanufacturer.” In other words, if Brother made your printer, they've also made a cartridge to go with it. No doubt about it, these high quality cartridges were designed for great durability and undeniable precision. Naturally, that translates into good print quality, but all of that comes at a much higher price.

The obvious downside is the cost. Did you know that printers are often sold with small profit margins because companies know that they will make their largest profit from selling OEM cartridges? For that reason alone, the name brand company that made your printer will claim that you may shorten the life of your printer by using generic cartridges. This is simply not true! OEMs charge exorbitant prices for their cartridges. One of the biggest controversies surrounding OEM cartridges is how much toner is left over in the cartridge when printer models shut down due to "low toner." Some cases have shown that40% of the expensive toner you paid for is left overin that 'dead cartridge' you are about to replace! After all, it's common knowledge that brands such as Brother, HP, Canon, Epson etc. don't make their money on their printer sales, but make huge profits on new and overpriced OEM cartridges instead.

Compatible Printer Toner

What are compatible cartridges? Compatible Toner is like buying a generic car part. A separate company simply creates their own version of the cartridge to work in your printer just like the OEM cartridge. As you might expect, some compatibles are of an inferior quality, but there are plenty of compatible printer cartridges out there that hold their ground next to their OEM counterpart. That's why it's so important to find a time tested provider like Boundybiz.com that offers only high quality Compatible Laser Cartridges at great savings to you.


"We are not a copy" "We are the original"

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Ask for Ken
Houston, Texas

Posted on Tuesday, September 01, 2015

If you manage a church, you are sure to well aware of the importance of copier machines. All the important information, messages, sermons and news of upcoming events need to be shared with your entire congregation in the form of printed, copied documents for which you always need the services of a copier. However, most churches can face financial difficulties in the face of having to purchase a copier machine outright. These machines tend to be expensive to buy, run and maintain, and there is always the prospect of obsolescence. The best way to save money and also ensure competent copier services is to go in for copier lease in Houston for the best of both world.

Lease and buy out your Copier

As far as copier leases for churches in Houston are concerned, there are a number of plus points that make it a compelling choice. The services are charged on a per copy basis with the copy lease company in Houston handling all the necessary procedures like changing on materials, periodic maintenance and upkeep. It is a simple, cost-effective way of acquiring copier services for your church with only a small monthly payment. In addition, many companies give you the option of a buyout when your lease comes to an end. You can use this option to purchase the copier machine at a vastly discounted rate, and continue to use it for the purposes of your church.

When it comes to finding the right company for copier leases for churches in Houston, the best way forward is to work with an establishment with great reputation like Boundy Biz. Their services are superior to the competition and they keep their copying machines in the best condition for optimum performance across the board.

Posted on Sunday, March 08, 2015


Copier repair here in Sugar Land becomes a challenging task for companies who have purchased or arranged a copier equipment on lease. In addition to wasting a substantial amount of time on fixing it by themselves, companies often make wrong choices in hiring their printer repair professionals. Scarcity of the proper equipment on a timely basis also contributes to the unending burden of repairing a printer or copier on time. Let us explore how you can minimize costs on repairing your copier while successfully running a business in sugar Land.

  • Hiring a professional copier repair service on contract - When you hire a Sugar Landbased copy service, the ultimate goal is to get an impeccable copier service that helps in maximizing your office productivity. You can get the best and cost effective service by hiring professional on contract basis. It requires a short term agreement between the company and the sugar Land copier repair. You are also free to select someone better if you are not satisfied with costing and the services provided by your current copier repair service provider.
  • Enquiring about the repairing costs included in your copier lease agreement - When you hire a copy lease company in Sugar Land, always enquire about the maintenance covered within the copier lease agreement. Generally a copier lease in Sugarcomes withfree maintenance and repair services
  • Periodic investigation of your copier machines to locate and fix faults on time - Make sure that your copier and printer are professionally checked within every four to six months. This will help in sensing the small troubles that may change into bigger ones and cost you more money. Fixing these straight away will save more time and money for the right place - i.e. your business.

Boundy Biz is one of the copier repair services in Sugar Land that have the staff and the equipment to handle all of your copier repair issues. Having years of wisdom in copier repairing, Boundy Biz can help you cut down repair costs tremendously.

Posted on Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Businesses here in Harris County routinely need copier machines in their premises. There are a lot of critical documents that need to be copied off and sent to appropriate departments on a daily basis, and therefore having a copier machine in the office is less of an option and more of a requirement. Copiers are bulky, expensive pieces of equipment that take effort to maintain and run. They also become outdated fast with rapid advancements in technology. Overall, for your business, it is a much better idea to use the services of a copy lease company in Houston. With Harris County copy leases, you get the benefit of cost-effective copying at only a fraction of the price, and without any of the associated headaches.

Benefits of a Copier Service

Opting for a copier lease in Houston puts you in the driver's seat and provides you with many advantages. These include -

  • Running costs now come down to paying the Harris County based copier service as per copy volume. The copier service provider takes care of materials.
  • Maintenance and repairs are again the responsibility of the copier service company.
  • You have access to newer technology just by renewing your lease and requesting for a more modern copier machine.

These distinct advantages are compelling reasons to use the services of a Houston copy service. You will have access to high quality copier machines in great usage conditions without having to worry about the costs of materials or maintenance. It is a win-win situation that your business can benefit greatly from.

While trying to choose a Harris County copier service, the best way to is to work with a reputed company with known good performance like Boundy Biz. Their excellent deals and discounts will make copier leasing efforts even more cost-effective.

Posted on Wednesday, February 04, 2015

End to End Copier Solutions, a Dream Come True for Houston Residents

Houston is famed as the 4th most populated cities in the US and according to the old saying - everything is big in Texas! The city is also home to one of the biggest concentration of healthcare and research institutions by the name of Texas Medical Center, has a wide industrial base and thousands of other small and big businesses. According to the US Bureau of Statistics, Houston is also one of the top cities for job creation in the US. With such a diverse commercial and business landscape, it really takes quite an effort and expertise to provide the right technology solutions to businesses in Houston, Texas.

Boundy Biz, a copier service and leasing company in Houston has been in business here for more than a decade now and has gained the reputation of being a go-to service provider for businesses of all sizes, shapes and stature. Our growing industrial expertise ensures that businesses get the right documenting solutions in real time such that the workflow is kept intact and productivity isn't hampered even a bit. If you are looking for a copier lease in Houston, you should be looking at equipment that are fast, reliable and give high quality output. We have a range of solutions that can support any length of work load.

What makes us different?

Boundy Biz offers highly customized and tailored solutions for all businesses. Whether you have been looking for affordable copier lease company in Houston or a full suite of high quality copier machines for important printing projects, Boundy Biz will be able to match your requirements. Our equipment will certainly enhance the flexibility of your workspace and you find solutions that match the industry trend.

Slow and steady doesn't win the race anymore. You need technology that is smart and fast while being reliable! Only a few copier services in Houston will be able to set the required pace and Boundy Biz is surely one of them.

Posted on Wednesday, January 28, 2015

3 Points To Consider When Selecting a Copier Repair Service Provider

Copier repair is crucial in the business world where time is equivalent to money. Here, every second not spent on productivity is money lost. Even a simple thing like a copy machine malfunction can cause delays that will ultimately affect the firm's ability to meet deadlines and perform optimally. As a result, it is important to keep a reliable copier repair service on hand right here in Houston, should a copy machine problem arise. However, one should be cautious when it comes to acquiring such a service by focusing on a few factors as given below.

  • Prompt Repair Service - Make sure your copier repair company in Houston is quick to respond to your copier machine complaints. There's no point sticking with a repair company that doesn't see your issues as a priority. When it comes to finding the machines faults and fixing them, speed is essential again. Prompt services are a result of experience, knowledge and efficiency. If you are looking for good copier repair, Houston is home to the best in the business and they go by the name Boundy Biz.
  • Expertise and Capabilities - When you have to find copier lease in Houston, you look into the business providing the lease service. Similarly, check up on the Houston copy service offering you repairs. You want to be sure of their capabilities. So doing your research effectively should help you determine their expertise and reliability.
  • Affordability - Affordable repairs should also come into the picture when picking your copier repair company. Check with your Houston or Harris County copier service to see if they offer after sales service for maintenance and repair. Also, look for guarantees and deals that could help you save money on repairs and maintenance. Ask for the service charges before you call a company to fix your copy machine. Compare these prices with other companies then select the one with the best price.

Check out Boundy Business Systems for your copier machine-related requirements like repairs, maintenance and/or purchase of a new machine. One trial for our services, and we are sure you will not be disappointed.

Posted on Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Panasonic claims a considerable part of the US copier import. According to the statistics of 2010, more than 3,406 monochrome copiers and 4,432 B/W and color copiers were shipped into US. Inside the US, the most favorable market for Panasonic copiers has been right here in the Houston, TX region because of its longer durability, weather friendly and cost effective price tags. Consequently, Panasonic copiers and printers are in great demand here. However, the bad news is that not many certified repair services exist here. If you are looking for a Panasonic copier repair service here in Houston, you will probably have to search too hard!

Well, don't look too far!

However, this should be the end of all the worries of Panasonic copier and printer users. Boundy Biz is in the business operating as a leading copy service company in Houston that has been facilitating both personal and business printing requirements. From home copiers and printers to bigger commercial printers used in business places, Boundy Biz provides a long list of associated services. It is one of the largest and most reputed copy lease company in Houston apart from the regular sales of branded and high quality printer machines.

The advantages

Panasonic has been a leading brand in copier and printing services. Consequently, it is popular for its fast and reliable processing and thus finding use in high intensity jobs. However, as electronic items, they also require regular maintenance and repairs. When the need arises around Houston, Boundy Biz is probably on the first names that come to mind.

It has been associated with several big brands and small businesses for more than a decade now. The reputation of the company is backed by high quality of service and prompt delivery. Whether you are looking for Panasonic cartridges or Panasonic printers, Boundy Biz is the go-to service provider.

Posted on Tuesday, December 30, 2014

However small or big a business might be, it cannot eliminate the need for printing solutions. Printer cartridges consequently rank as one of the most crucial requirement of running an organization. Though it is a small part of the overall stationery, however the lack of it can interrupt business meetings, client approvals, certificates, recruitment and any process that need to go on paper and be approved. However, for Houston residents like you and me, finding small business printing services is often proven to be a lengthy task. Not many reputed service providers exist and among those that do, very few are able to provide enough quality stocks of printer cartridges and other accessories.

Enter Boundy Biz for any and every type of printer needs

Boundy Biz is among the few companies that deal with Hewlett Packard laser cartridges in Houston. If you are searching for anything related to HP laser cartridges, Boundy Biz would be a convenient solutions. A certified agency, it will be able to provide and even offer installation services for HP cartridges in Houston. Apart from cartridge and accessory sales, this is also the only company nearest to Houston that is certified for HP printer repairs. HP, being one of the most popular and convenient brands across the United States, the demand for quality repair service is high enough to have kept Bounty Biz a leading printing solution provider in Houston.

Depending upon the type of company and the workload that it puts upon its printers, cartridges will be a regular necessity. Also, businesses would often need to call in repair and maintenance service to keep the workflow smooth and uninterrupted. Bounty Biz is among the most popular HP business printing service providers here in Houston and have clients spread across a range of businesses.

Posted on Tuesday, December 09, 2014

4 Tips that Help Copier Services to Excel in Fort Bend

Earning the title of the best Copier Service Fort Bend County time and again, only comes with experience and personalized customer servicing competencies. Multiple reasons make it worthwhile for us residents of Fort Bend County to completely trust a copier service. Let's check these out today -

  1. Products - A good quality Fort Bend County Copier Service provider needs to provide top brands in the copier business Apart from new copier machines, you can also find refurbished copiers along with copier toners and eco-friendly remanufactured toner laser cartridges compatible with the copiers the service provides.
  2. Maintenance and Repair - Like all electronics after purchase, a copier requires maintenance and repair. Distributors who provide after sales service to customers are few, and these handful are the first to be contacted by customers here in Sugar Land because of their copier repair and maintenance facilities after a purchase, putting them one step ahead of the competition.
  3. Leasing - Need a copier for your start-up, but don't have the cash? With a good Sugar Land based copier leasing or Fort Bend County based copy leases, you can have the flexibility to cut unnecessary expenses the purchase of a copier machine would entail on overheads like maintenance, repairs and replacements.
  4. Customer Care - The copier you purchase or lease depends on your needs and capacity to pay for it. Based on your needs and requirements a good Copier Leasing company identifies the copier that is ideal for you. Once the sale is complete, you get the same enthusiasm from them during the after sales services.

Finding a reliable and efficient Fort Bend County copier repair company can often be a headache. This can affect your ability to meet deadlines, causing problems with office productivity. Reputed copier companies like Boundy Biz make sure you get these services after any purchase because you, as a customer, are important to them. More than 30 years of consistent service has made Boundy Biz a known name as a dependable County copier service specialists, here in Fort Bend.

Posted on Thursday, November 20, 2014

Get Reliable HP Printer Service in Houston

Printing is an important part of any business, irrespective of what the particular company deals with. Invoices, bills, memos, fliers- you name it, a company needs all of these printed on a daily basis. A reliable printer is a basic necessity in business and even at home. Hewlett Packard printers provide the level of service that you need for continuous working.

Printer service

Houston has its fair share of electronics repair services. But a printer service agency here in Houston is not that common, at least not quality service that will solve all your problems that too at an affordable rate. If you want to find a reliable Printer Repair Company in Houston, you can trust Boundy Business Systems. Getting good servicing of your HP Printers in Houston is now affordable thanks to this company. Your HP Printer service can be done right here in Houston without any hassle and the quality of after-servicing customer support too is incredible. Even after you get your HP Printer Repaired in Houston, you can contact customer care for further care or inquiry.


HP Business Printers in Houston often encounter the problem of cartridge shortage. But Boundy Business Systems supply Hewlett Packard Laser Cartridges all over Houston and its neighborhood. HP Laser Cartridges are easily available thanks to the continuous services of this company. In Houston, copier repair can be as easily done as printer repair. Boundy Business Systems offer impeccable Houston Printer Repair service along with supplying accessories and subsidiary material to various offices.

To have your Hewlett Packard printer serviced, you no longer need to sift through numerous yellow book entries, negotiating with various printer servicing companies over the cost of getting your copier or printer repaired. Now, you can get your printer easily serviced in Houston thanks to Boundy Business Systems. Simply leave it to these experts for amazing printer servicing at affordable rates.

Posted on Sunday, November 09, 2014

Yes indeed! The Oki copier service and the Okidata copier service by Boundy Biz are often described by the customers as extremely reliable and honest here in Houston. The Okidata Printers in Houston provided by this firm is easy to use and makes office life a lot less stressful and a lot more productive. The firm started its copy lease company in Houston in 1983 and has since gained immense experience in this domain.

Each process of either the service or repair consists of these basic three parts.

  • First, Boundy Biz makes sure to note the specifications and requirements of the customer.
  • Then, an extensive market research is carried out, through which the best Oki Printer in Houston and related services is finalized based on how well it serves the customer’s needs.
  • The last and the most crucial stage is the third one. At this stage, the Houston Copy Service firm customizes the features and adjusts the budget of its services according to the requirements set by the customer.

Many types of printers and copiers always at hand

This Okidata Lease Company in Houston has many impressive products to boast of. Among the copiers and related equipment, Copystar cs-2550ci and cs-5501 are well received, while the Okidata copiers Okidata MPS 5502mb, Okidata mb 3537 and Okidata mb 4242 are fruitful in business too.

The MFPs supplied by Boundy Biz are Okidata mb 491, Okidata mb 4911p, Okidata MC362 and Okidata MC 562. Last but not the least, this firm has reconditioned copiers too which are sold in these types; Copystar cs-4050 and Copystar cs-3060. This pretty much sums up one type of service of his firm. Others like these are equally readily available like repair and copy work. After all, a 30 year business in Sugar Land can be sustained only by some very good quality work done by us at Boundy Biz.

Posted on Thursday, October 16, 2014

Nothing can be more annoying than a faulty in-house copier during a busy working day. A problem in any machine or office equipment leave important tasks incomplete and the employees to whom the work had been delegated feel too much under pressure because of unnecessary delays. On top of it, employees try to rectify the issue and further complicate the problem. In order to avoid wastage of precious working hours, it is best to opt for a dependable copier repair service in Sugar Land.

If you are connecting with a copier service company in Sugar Land such as Boundy Biz for your maintenance, repair or replacement needs, it can add immense value to your servicing charges and provide maximum RoI. You can always be assured of the fact that we will be available in times of crisis. We strive to bring right solutions for you and your employees so that productivity stays at optimum level and servicing costs are kept to the minimum. We can solve the challenging mechanical problems in lesser time as compared to your own staff.

The hindrance that a faulty copier creates in an office is overcame by a good copier service company in Sugar Land. A copier service expert can diagnose the right problem in seconds and can address to it more accurately and much rapidly. The amateur attempts done by office employees often lead to wrong diagnosis and waste of time that hamper productivity and lead to resource wastage. Make a wise decision today and award your copier service contract to a steadfast copy servicing provider. For more information on selecting the right copier repair service in Sugar Land, do get in touch with us at Boundy Biz, and we will make sure to get back to you on priority.

Posted on Sunday, October 05, 2014

If you have a flourishing or startup based in Sugar Land, we have the right Sugar Land copy service for you. Bulk copy service often becomes easier when a dependable copier lease in Sugar Land is at your service. Designed to cater to the exclusive needs of SMBs in Houston, Boundy Biz is known for providing customized Sugar Land copier leasing service.

We have copier equipment that are the latest in the market and have invaluable copy, print and scan features. This helps us cater to all your printing and copier needs in quick time. Be it black and white, laser or dot matrix copies, all can be made available on short notice periods. We are committed to giving unique services to all our clients, so we design a customized Sugar Land copy service plan that allows you to concentrate on your core business and leave your print or copy related worries to us.

Once you enter into a lease contract with us, we make available latest copy machines from brands like Dell, HP, Canon or Xerox at your service. You can also count upon us in times of crisis, as being your on-time copier solution provider. In cases, when copier stops working or requires hands-on maintenance, we also dispatch our Sugar Land copier repair team of experts to resolve the issue. This all-round servicing helps us stand out of the crowd as a company in Houston with a competitive edge

You can save a lot of worthy resources like time, money and manpower by opting for printer lease services. Being a renowned copy lease company in Sugar Land, we are known for providing Sugar Land copy service at nominal rates. If bulk printing projects are adding to your cost of operations, contact us to know how you can save big. Choose us for your best in class copier leasing requirements.

Posted on Monday, September 29, 2014

Exploring a unique copier service in Sugar Land becomes easy if you make it a point to consider these significant facts. Considering small business copier services in Sugar Land, many are well versed to offer you best rates for bulk as well as one-time cost for bigger copier requirements. Make sure you take these critical factors to land a winning copier lease deal for your organization.

First of all you need to be clear about the volume and the period for which Sugar Land copier service is required. Being a small business, it is obvious that you may need sporadic quantity of copier service according to your business's demands. Feel free to choose a copier service that lets you pay an advance and can assure you the availability of the latest and modern technology copier machines on demand.

If you have a bigger business outlook, there must be regular copier equipment requirement which goes on increasing when the business' peak time arrives. For example, there are regular publications and in house materials required apart from the occasional periodicals that need to be printed in times of festivities, special offers and schemes. The bulk printing requirements can be best addressed by a trustworthy and capable business copier service in Sugar Land such as Boundy Biz. Our expertise in copier service in Sugar Land can be an ideal answer to all your copier demands.

Many providers of Houston copier lease service are available within short notice period to cater to your immediate print, scan or copy needs. You would need to ensure that the maintenance of the copier equipment is the responsibility of your copier service provider. This way, you need not be bothered about replacement of cartridges or other upkeep needs. Hence consider a copier service in Sugar Land that provides on time cartridge replacement without adding onto your initial copier lease costing.

Posted on Monday, September 08, 2014

To make their day to day happenings more flawless, many bigger churches are making good use of church copier lease services. Provided with latest technology and equipment, a good Sugar Land copier service makes life easier for churches in US. Churches are often known for coming out with their own religious publications that are provided free of cost to the church goers. This calls for bulk printing requirement on adhoc basis. The selected printers for churches are meant to provide copier service on bulk requirements. Especially during the regular prayer and thanks giving occasions, bulk printing helps in providing copies of important religious documents like important announcements, brochures, prayers, pamphlets and carols.

Usually, copier leasing for churches is done on a one-time cost basis. The Sugar Land copier repair service works well in providing unique quality printers for churches. Churches sign a contract with the copier service for providing fast and reliable repair and business copier lease service. The festive season and Christmas time are the busiest days of the year for churches based in Sugar Land TX that requires high volume printing jobs done. A good copier leasing service such as Boundy Biz takes all the responsibility for repair and maintenance under the church copier lease even when demand spikes up. We also take care of minor issues such as problems in copier equipment and replacement of the ink cartridge.

For large volume copier leasing, ask your company to provide a one-time bulk cost or a wholesale rate. It is advisable to opt for cost on pet copy basis when random print outs are required. To know the best discounted plans for bulk printing, call and fix an appointment with the leading Sugar Land copier service, Boundy Biz for all church related printing needs.

Posted on Monday, August 25, 2014

Many small businesses like to believe that the Sugar Land Copier lease buyouts are saving huge money for them. However, this is only one side of the coin. There are situations where small businesses end up paying more to a Copy Lease Company in Sugar Land for their chosen copier equipment. Merely having a leased and technologically advanced printer is not going to bring down your operating costs. If you are not judicious enough to make a smart decision, the Sugar Land Copy Service may actually add on to your cost of operations. The charges incurred on leased copier printer buyouts may vary from company to company. In Houston, these are broadly distinguished into two specific types. These are - FMV Buyout and $1 buyout. Let us understand these two briefly.

The FMV or Fair Market Value buyout allows you to get a selected copier equipment by paying a minimum monthly sum of money. The lease contract is provided with tax saving benefits and allows you to purchase the leased copier equipment on completion of the term period. If you buy the leased copier equipment, the Houston copier leasing company will charge a fair market value after calculating the depreciation costs and the current market value of the used printer or copier machine. The expenses incurred on the copier lease Sugar Land will not appear on the balance sheets of your company.

The $1 buyout is also chosen by many businesses in Houston, as it gives them the opportunity to have a hands on experience with selected printer or copier machine before they decide to actually purchase it. Under this scenario, the total value of the copier printer equipment is divided into several smaller installments. These installments are to be paid by the company borrowing the equipment from the copier equipment service provider. After the contract period, the lessee can buy leased copier equipment by paying $1.00 as a symbolic token.

If you want to know your options before carrying out a copier lease in Sugar Land, we at Boundy Biz can help you do that.

Posted on Tuesday, August 05, 2014
You can operate your small business in Houston Sugar Land smoothly by installing the latest printers for small businesses. You can avoid exorbitant outsourcing expenses since your copier is capable of meeting your day-to-day business requirements in document imaging, with commercial color technology. However sometimes, these devices can face some issues owing to prolonged wear and tear and it requires a professional service to take care of it.

Reliable Copier Repairing Service

If your printer faces some issues, then you can find a trusted company for your small business copier service at Sugar Land. The special feature of the company is that it solves some problems online, with reliable cloud support on technical issues. If you are in need of onsite services, the company sends technical experts to rectify the faults at once.

Maintenance Of Copiers In Sugar Land

You can call the company for your instant Sugar Land copier service and the company responds immediately to provide solution for your copier. This way, your routine operations never gets affected because of your printer. The speed and efficiency of your copier can make the difference for your business and you can create and close more business with your responsible and responsive quality service.

Leasing Option In Using Printers:

If you have to upgrade your office within your budget, you have the best Business Printer Lease Service in the form of Boundy Biz. It allows you to develop your business, without a huge investment. The option to lease copiers instead of outright purchase is a great one for your business.

Replacing Damaged Spare Parts With Original Ones:

When you have to repair your copiers, you can visit the most experienced company, Boundy Biz for reliable copier repairing services. The Sugar Land Printer Repair firm replaces the damaged spare parts, with original parts, with guaranteed services.

Posted on Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Most churches require copier services at some point of time or the other. Churches routinely need a lot of printing and copying work to be done at short notice, and hiring a good church printer in Sugar Land is the route which most churches take. While finding a good Sugar Land copier service is difficult as it is, churches often find themselves at the wrong end of deals when dealing with these copier services. Some churches have even been forced to make major changes to their budgets after falling victim to "copier scams". The best way to avoid these mishaps is to only hire the services of a well-known, reputed and trusted copier company like Boundy Biz.

A Better Way for Churches

Churches need trustworthy and reliable copier services to take care of their requirements. Unfortunately, many churches report that they have run into rough weather dealing with representatives from copier companies, with some churches reporting that they have been scammed for amounts running into thousands of dollars.

The best way for churches to deal with this scenario involves the following steps

  • It is imperative to not fall into the traps of copier services representatives. To make sure that you do not, be alert whenever you hear anything about the copier lease deal which seems too good to be true. In such a case, politely refuse the deal and move on.
  • Any promises or commitments made by a copier service needs to be on pen and paper and not just verbal. Make sure that you insist on the same.
  • Work with a trusted copier service for churches like Boundy Biz who have built a reputation with years of clean, trustworthy service to stop yourself from being vulnerable to any form of deal which takes advantage of your institution.


Posted on Thursday, July 10, 2014

Every business or organization always has the need of good printing and copying service. If you are looking for a good quality copier lease in Sugar Land, you will have a lot of options as there are many companies providing exemplary copier service. However, if you want your experience to be hassle free and pleasant, there are a number of important factors that you need to consider before making a final decision. All copier services are not alike, and you need to find the one best suited to your requirements.

What Makes a Good Copier Service?

When looking for a copy lease company in Sugar Land, clear and transparent communication is the key. You need to know from the very outset exactly what you would be getting and for how much. To make the process of choosing a good copier as smooth as possible, here are a few questions you can ask the Sugar Land copy service that you are considering for a hire

  • Does the vendor have different charges for normal sized prints and prints made on larger paper? If you are under a cost-per-copy plan, you need to know exactly how larger prints are processed when it comes to expenses.
  • Do you have to pay for prints or copies which are taken out during a service, maintenance or repair call? Copies run during a service run can sometimes run into hundreds, and you need to know if you would be chargeable for the same.
  • Does your contract cover the cost of supplies? Many Sugar Land copier repair services charge you for shipping of daily supplies like drums and toners. These costs can quickly add up and it is imperative that you know about them from before.
  • Are you responsible for the return shipping fee when the lease expires? Prefer companies which support easy lease renewal or termination.
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You should not allow any kind of delays in your business in order to create a favorable impression on your customers. Thus, when your copier calls for repair, you need not look for anything but the best in Sugar Land Copier Repair - Boundy Biz, the service provider for all types of repairs. Whether you use a new copier or a used copier for your office, it can handle all kinds of repairs and maintenance service requirements.


Economic Way For Repairing Copiers:

You may think that you need significant investment for carrying out repairs to your copier. However you would be pleasantly surprised by the nominal pricing Boundy Biz offers on reliable Copier Repair Sugar Land service, since the copier repairing service provider offers most economic services.

Trusted Copier Related Services:

Boundy Biz is in the printing equipment industry for many years and it is a specialist in dealing with all models of laser cartridges, including the latest eco-friendly options. The Copy Lease Company in Sugar Landsupports the business community in Houston, Sugarland and Katy cities, with its personalized copier leasing and repairing services.

Cloud Support In Copier Repairing:

At times, it is not necessary for the repairing technical experts to visit your office, when they diagnose the problems could be troubleshot from their office, with their effective cloud support. When their presence is required for repairing your copiers, they instantly visit to your office to fix even the major problems. Your office is completely secured, when you hire Sugar Land Copy Service for managing your business.

Easy Way To Use Copiers Without Buying:

You need not have to spend a lot to purchase your copier for your business as there is another option for you, with Boundy Biz, the Copier Lease in Sugar Land Company. Just consult the company for your leasing requirements and you can find many models of copiers that are suitable for all sizes of businesses.

What's more? With the buyback option, you can replace your used and old copiers and replace them with new copiers.

Posted on Thursday, June 05, 2014
When your copying machine breaks down, you need an expert for repairing. You simply cannot afford to handover the copier repairing job to unauthorized or inexperienced technicians. When you have a reliable Sugar Land Copier Repair, you would not have issues thanks to the stellar repute of the professionals having vast knowledge and experience. Further, you are assured with personalized copier repairing services, if you assign the repair, servicing or maintenance the job to a trustworthy and dependable copier service agency such as Boundy Biz.

Regular Problems And Instant Relief:

When you have copiers in your office, it is quite common to have issues with your copiers. Either cartridge replacement or wear and tear of inner part are some common causes of copier malfunctioning. The presence of running copiers is essential to the smooth running of your office and it is not surprising to witness a decrease in productivity when the copier runs into problems.

This is precisely where you would require the services of Boundy Biz, an experienced and well-established company in Sugar Land. The Copier Repair from Sugar Land provides personalized solutions for all copier defects and major faults and also supply genuine replacement parts. This company has been supplying and repairing copiers for many years and has numerous offices as its permanent customers.

Both buying a copier and copier leasing options in Sugar Land can be availed of when you connect with us at Copy Lease Company in Sugar Land to explain about your office requirements. In fact, you can choose the copier, according to the size of your company and if you have compact office, you may opt for space saving copier on lease.

Round The Clock Emergency Service:

If your copier is not functioning properly at any time of the day or night, you need not look further than Boundy Biz, the reliable Sugar Land Copy Service for your emergency copier problems would be solved at once.

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Posted on Friday, May 09, 2014
Entrepreneurs and emerging businesses in Houston know the effect of office overheads and the impact of well-functioning copy, printing and scanning services to maintain optimum productivity at office. Businesses in Houston now need not worry about their office maintenance, since they have Boundy Biz, a Houston Copier Repair service that is economical and reliable. The copier repair company is the best solution provider for all sizes of businesses in Houston and has a great reputation in repairing copiers.

Advantage For Businesses In Houston:

In the past, all offices in Houston had to invest significantly into copying, printing and scanning by outsourcing them. Now, the business establishments have the advantage of minimizing their expenses, with the introduction of Boundy Biz, the neighborhood Copy Lease Company in Houston. The copiers perform various programs, apart from printing and scanning and the companies do not require additional equipment to manage these administrative tasks. Additionally the needs of the offices differ from time to time. As such, it makes complete business sense for the commercial establishments to go a lease of the copier from the company rather than purchase it.

Reliable Copier Repair Service In Houston:

Irrespective of the model or the type of print scan fax device your company is using, service companies such as Boundy Biz have the right resources, supply network and experience to carry outCopier Repair in Houston. The technicians of the company have up-to-date knowledge in repairing from very old model copiers to the latest models of copiers of all popular brands. As a business you also need to ask if a replacement of a part of copier is an actual necessity or just a means to overcharge. Trustworthy providers such as Boundy Biz, would not replace the parts, unless it is absolutely needed.


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Posted on Thursday, May 01, 2014

When dealing with copier issues, it is best to leave it to experienced hands of a Sugar Land Copier Repair agency. It is not easy to find exact technical faults in copiers and the repair should be fast and economical to prevent hurdles in smooth business operations. Only a steadfast company can provide Sugar Land Copier Repair service and this company will be the best fit for your repairs, replacement and maintenance needs of your copier.

Many mechanics and technicians in Sugar Land are not certified technicians, they cannot diagnose the problems accurately, and at times, they end up damaging the parts. Hence, it is safe to hand over the delicate job of copy repairing service to a professional Copier Repair Sugar Land service such a Boundy Biz.

Differences In Buying And Leasing Copiers:

When companies buy copiers, it entails a significant amount of investment on their part. This investment may not justify the operating costs and margins of the business. However, in order to ensure that your office administrative tasks do not get hampered for want of a copier, you may explore the offerings of a good Copy Lease Company in Sugar Land. They offer the easiest way of using the copiers, without having to purchase the equipment outright. In this leasing agreement, companies get to avail of substantial savings and in addition, they can exchange their machines, during or at the end of the lease. Hence, consulting the highly experienced Copier Lease Service in Sugar Land is the most profitable solution for the small businesses in Sugar Land.

Though there are many copiers selling and repairing companies in Sugar Land, Boundy Biz is the top ranking company in the industry in Houston, due to its extensive experience in holistic copier servicing capabilities in selling, leasing and servicing services for copiers at affordable rates.

Posted on Saturday, April 26, 2014


Today, it is not easy to find a good copier repair service in Houston, since there are many service providers in the region. However, experienced business owner know that they should place their trust on reliable copy repair service provider.


The key hallmarks of a good agency is certified knowledge and practical experience. The technicians should be certified along with sound knowledge in repairing copiers, right from very old models to the ultramodern digital copiers. This is essential as the technologies and working systems keep evolving and different manufacturers have different tech specs for the equipment themselves. With a bit of research, one can find a good Houston copier repairservice that is not only efficient affordable.

Why choose a certified copy machine repair service?

A non-certified repair service is not the right choice in dealing with copier repairs. In fact, inexperienced technicians could damage vital parts of the copiers and cause serious financial loss. Hence, it makes total sense for offices to consult with certified agencies offering copier repair Houston.

Efficiency And Affordability:

Efficiency is paramount for a Houston Copy Service. Based on their experience across multiple manufacturers and types of copiers, they can locate and resolve problems easily with the remote diagnostic method. Since the experts know what parts have to be replaced, they replace only those parts, which further reduces the service charge.

Repairs to Leased Copiers:

The Copy Lease Companies in Houston provide periodic maintenance contracts that help bring down the costs of repairs substantially. In many aspects, this is a profitable program for companies. They can run their offices with efficiency and speed, and at the same time, reduce their investment expenses.

A reliable service such as the ones provided by Boundy Biz in Sugar Land is well equipped to deal with any and every type of copier repair at extremely nominal price points.


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