Are Surge Protectors needed for my Copier?

How much does your electric service affect the performance of your copier? Do you need to add a surge protector to your copier? As our century old power grids become ever more stressed and the amount of electronic devices we seem to crave increase, then the strain on our power grid becomes more obvious. Adding a surge protector is never a bad choice and when leasing a piece of equipment that could cost your company thousands of dollars, making a small investment could save you headaches down the road.

If you look at the terms and conditions of any copier service contract you’ll be sure to notice that there is a clause that excludes damage to the machine caused by power fluctuations. It’s because of this that the smart consumer should take action and be prepared for the worst case scenario. Besides the obvious, this investment has proven to actually increase the performance of the equipment while proportionately decreasing down time.

Take a minute out of your day to look at the power cord of your copier, see if there is actually some sort of surge protector installed. If not, and you feel that this is important to consider, feel free to give us a call and arrange to have one installed.


The solution to high color prints

Tri Rate Color Pricing

Not all color prints are the same, so why should they cost the same? They shouldn’t, and at Boundy Business Systems they DON’T!”

Many “color” prints only use a small amount of color ink. So, instead of paying one price per page, with BBS color solutions you only pay for what you actually use. With inexpensive tri-rate color pricing, it’s more affordable than ever to print in color while reaping the benefits color brings to your business documents. Research tells us that color is one of the first things that people automatically register when evaluating an image or document—and it has an influential effect on buying decisions, as well. So, with more affordable color printing, you can use color more frequently for your business documents and marketing materials.

Tri Rate Color Pricing – Sometimes less than $0.02 per page! Contact for a free assessment.

Compatible Toner or New?

Compatible Printer Toner

What are compatible cartridges? Compatible Toner is like buying a generic car part. A separate company simply creates their own version of the cartridge to work in your printer just like the OEM cartridge. As you might expect, some compatibles are of an inferior quality, but there are plenty of compatible printer cartridges out there that hold their ground next to their OEM counterpart. That’s why it’s so important to find a time tested provider like that offers only high quality Compatible Laser Cartridges at great savings to you. Please contact us for pricing today!

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials:
Gail H. (Holy Family Church)
We (Holy Family Church) have used Boundy Business for many years. We have had Excellent Service! We have had other companies offer to give us leasing bids – but I tell them they could never compete with the service! Thank you Ken!

Charles Argento Law Firm
I have used Ken at Boundy Business Systems for all my copier needs for over 20 years. I have purchased 5 copier machines from Ken over the years. Whenever I need service on my copy machines BBS has been very quick to respond to our needs. And they also have great prices on used Copy machines as well. He also has the best prices on toner and other copier supplies in Houston and surrounding areas. I would highly recommend Boundy Business Systems to anyone who wants someone to standby their copy machines.

Jeremiah Mohr (The Big Dogs)
Ken and the Boundy Business Systems technicians did a great job delivering and setting up a copier in our Stafford TX office. Ken is great and I would recommend him as a premier Houston copier service and repair and leasing company. We love our refurbished machine! Call Boundy Business Systems, as they are very responsive. We ran out of toner and they came out in the middle of their day and made it a priority to solve our issues, and I am glad to have Boundy Business Systems for our copier maintenance and service.