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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why buy a digital copier over a desktop printer?
A digital copier on your network improves functionality and productivity, offering 11 x 17
printing, allowing you to sort, staple and duplex print from your desktop,
increasing print speed as high as 85 ppm all at 1/3 to 1/5 the cost per print of a
desktop printer.

Q: How does a connected copier save me money?
With the high cost of operation at 4.5¢ per print formost network printers, a digitalcopier allows you to print as low as 1¢ per print which includes allservice & toner costs. Color prints from .65 cents at Kinkos to .07 cents.

Q: How do I know when it's time to upgrade?
When you start to notice some of the following: High service and supply cost of current system
inadequate service support, Fluctuating copy quality, Poor performance and more downtime.Need for more color
output , Need to distribute through e-mail, Need for increased productivity or speed, Need for faster scanning.

Q: I've lost my user manual. How can I get another one?
Fortunately, most user manuals are
available online. You can print a copy of yours directly from NEC, Kyocera
and Copystar websites. If it isn't available on the manufacturer's website, then you can call our office to order another one.
The manufacturer usually charges a fee for replacement manuals.

Q: What are toner pirates?
Toner pirates are fraudulent telemarketers who prey on the
new and unwary clerk to make sales or send unordered, unauthorized or
misrepresented supplies. They often use illegal tactics, such as posing as your
local dealer (us!) or copier manufacturer (NEC, Kyocera, Copystar)
when they call. Customers who fall for their tactics often find the following:
They receive toner they never ordered. They receive used or partially used toner. The prices are double or
triple what we charge for toner. The toner pirates' "case"contains two bottles while the manufacturers' case contains six.
The freight bill is over a hundred dollars for a two-pound shipment. We will occasionally call you for a meter reading. If you want to verify that it is us calling you and not a toner pirate, simply ask us for the serial number of the machine. Only we
can provide that to you.

If you have used the supplies, then your only alternative will be to file a complaint. Report the fraud to:
US Postal Inspection Service
PH: 312669-5663
Operation Support Group
Fraud Complaint Supervisor
222 S.Riverside Plaza, Suite 1250
Chicago, IL 60606-6100

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